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When I started practicing yoga in the mid 90s I was looking for a way out of my stress. At that moment I had no idea that yoga would change my existence so thoroughly. Yoga brings me relaxation, peace and happiness and is an enormous enrichment in my life. 

In my enthusiasm I tried to convince other people to start practicing as well. I succeeded a few times. But the best way to get people to practice is by teaching it myself. So in March 2006 I packed my backpack to travel to India for Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul University not far from the town Nasik (Maharastra region). At the beginning of the training they asked me why I wanted to become a yoga teacher. 

My answer to that was: "I want to share the joy, relaxation and happiness I found in the practice of yoga with others". Following a Yoga Teacher training in the land of origin of the yoga is a unique experience. We learned a whole lot about asanas, pranayama, meditation and the Yoga philosophy. The surrounding of the Ashram in rural India really helped to find peace and quiet. Check out the page about my experiences during my training.

Through the teaching of yoga I hope to bring a bit of that peace and quiet in the lives of my students and I hope to make a difference in their day to day busy stress.

The classes are open for everybody. If you have any more questions you can contact me by mail or by phone or text on 0479 95 55 24. 

I look forward to meeting you in my classes.

Conny Smeets
Yoga teacher


Nasik (India): Ashram Yoga Vidya Gurukul

6h30: after the morning meditation in the yoga hall we roll up our mats, because today we will practice our asanas outside. As usual we start the yoga session with Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and that right on time to see the sun rise behind the hill... What a beautiful start of the day!


Sunrise at the Ashram. The start of long vut beautiful day
Picture: Julie Rose

Meanwhile the heath is rising (some days up to 38° degrees Celsius). But thanks to our morning session of asanas we have enough energy for the day. We need that energy, because after breakfast we have several lectures. The subjects vary from health, yoga philosophy, meditation techniques, Omkar, Pranayama and so much more. During this training we learn a lot about yoga and everything that goes with it. And we also realize that there is still so much more to learn. Lucky for us the little shop at the Ashram sells a lot of books of interesting yoga related subjects. I have a whole lot of weight in books for my trip back home ;-)


In the morning we practice outside
Picture: Julie Rose

After lunch we are busy preparing our micro classes. The structure of a yoga class is divided in smaller subjects so that we can learn step by step how to teach the different aspects of yoga. We are split up in small groups for the micro classes. Sometimes funny situations occur when we realize that teaching yoga is not soooo easy. You have to think about a lot of things: make sure you give the right instructions and how to give them so that your students understand what you mean. You have to adapt the volume of your voice, be aware of your poses and keep an eye on the timing etc... There is a whole lot of things you have to keep in mind while teaching yoga.! But together we help each other out. The people of the Ashram are always with advice and we also interchange our experiences. Soon we have our baptism of fire: then we have to teach a full class. I am looking forward to that, because I realize that i really enjoy the teaching.

After our micro classes we practice an hour of Pranayama. We learn more breathing techniques and improve the techniques we learned the previous days. Pranayama is an important part of the yoga and it is very interesting to learn more about it.

After the Pranayama class we have some time off before dinner. This is a moment to enjoy the sunset, so we put on our hiking shoes and walk up the hill. The view is splendid from up there: rural India as far as you can see. Fields, small paths, little lakes and far away we can see a small village. This gives us some time to process what we have learned that day.


The Omkar symbol at the mountain near the Ashram
Picture: Julie Rose

But we are not finished yet, after dinner we have Sankrit lessons. Often we finish the day with a nice story about yoga often with some interesting life wisdoms to think about.

Once in bed I listen to the silence and the sound of the crickets. How beautiful life can be. Following a yoga teacher training in the cradle of the yoga science is a magnificent experience.

Een verblijf in zo’n Ashram, doet je ook even stilstaan bij een aantal dingen die wij normaal vinden. Hier op het plattenland in India is het allesbehalve vanzelfsprekend om stromend water en elektriciteit te hebben, iets wat wij ons in onze moderne maatschappij nauwelijks kunnen voorstellen. En toch kom je tot de vaststelling dat de mensen hier zeker niet ongelukkig zijn. Ondanks de relatief primitieve omstandigheden waarin velen hier wonen zie je veel vrolijke mensen en voel je je zeker welkom.
 Ze mogen er in de Ashram in Nasik op rekenen dat ik zeker nog eens terugkom!

A stay at an Ashram makes you think about the things we take for granted. In rural India you cannot take for granted to have running water and electricity. Something we have a hard time understand in our Western society. And yet you see that the people there are not unhappy. Despite their primitive life circumstances you see a lot of happy people and you feel very welcome. They can count on my return at the Asram in Nasik !


Certificat Yoga Teaching with First Distinction :-)

Certificat Asana Practice Yoga Pravesh LevelDiploma asana's eerste niveau

Certificat Asana Practice Parichaya Level

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