Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskar

The information you find on this website about the sun salutation is the sun salutation within the "aundhakar system".

This is the original sun salutation as described and promoted by the Rajas of Aundh. Raja means monk, Aundh is a state in the old British India. Some claim that the sun salutation was invented by the Rajas of Aundh, but they do not claim that themselves. They have documented the sun salutation and helped promoting it.

The traditional sun salutation exists of 10 poses, while you find a lot of moderne variations with 12 poses. However you practice the sun salutations all variations are good. The description you find on this page is the traditional one with 10 poses. 

The sun salutation is an excellent exercise for the whole of the body and is a complete yoga session: you have the 10 poses, you combine it with breathing techniques (pranayama) and you meditate thanks to the mantras that go with it.

The sun salutations can be practiced by everyone. If you are not naturally very flexible you can take it easy in the beginning and start very slowly. After having practiced for a while, you will notice that you gain flexibility and that you will be able to practice it faster. You can practice the sun salutation at any given moment of the day, but shortly after rising and the rising of the sun is the most suitable moment.

The 10 poses

>> Thank you Yoga Vidya Gurukul that I am allowed to use the drawing of the sun salutation on my website. <<

In order to start with the sun salutations it is best that you stand at the front of your mat. This gives you enough space to execute all the movements fluently.

1. Hands in Namaste

Stand in mountain pose: hands together in namaste in front of the chest, feet together.

Breathing : inhale 

2. Forward bend

Bend over, keep the knees straight, nose as close as possible to the knees

Breathing: exhale

3. Half Cobra

Move the left leg backwards, knee on the ground, keep the hips low and look upwards
Breating: inhale

4. Plank position

Move the right leg backwards into plank position and look forward. The body is in a straight line.

Breathing: hold

5. Ashtanga Pose

Put knees, chest and forehead on the ground into ashtanga pose. Hips stay up

Breathing: exhale

6. Cobra Pose

Bring to upper body up into cobra, keep the shoulders low and look up

Breathing: inhale

7. Downward facing dog

Move into downward facing dog, look at your knees and make it a powerful and relaxed pose.

Breathing: hold 

8. Halve Cobra

Step forward with the left leg, knee to the ground, keep the hips low and look upward

Breathing: hold

9. Forward bend

Move the right leg forward into the forward bent, keep the knees straight, nose as close as possible to the knees.

Breathing: exhale

10. Mountain pose

Move up into the mountain pose: hands in namaste in front of the chest, feet together


Breathing : inhale 

Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskar

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