Yoga is for women only

Recently I received a mail with the question: "Would yoga be something for me? I am a real stress bunny... or is that for women only?"

You know what is funny? At the very beginning of yoga it was for men only. This is approximately 6000 years ago at the very essence of the beginning of the yoga. Women were considered an obstacle on the road to enlightenment.

Lucky for us ladies that changed. For some reason it has become more of a feminine thing in the Western society. 

So gentlemen: yes absolutely yoga is also for you. And you know why? Because thanks to the yoga you will become better in everything else you like to do. It will give you energy and it creates space for who your are and what you really like to do :-)

So everybody is welcome to join the classes. I asked my male students for their experiences in the classes:


Through the yoga I wanted to gain more flexibility. I also felt drawn to the meditative aspects of the yoga. At this moment I feel that yoga gives me mental power and an awareness that influences my day to day life. I also consider yoga as a good alternative for the outside sports (when it is too cold...) and I no longer feel the need to search for some separate meditative practice.


  • As I had a lot of internal stress yoga seemed to be a good way to find peace and to learn to relax
  • I could not find peace through the intensive sport I used to do, so I started looking for another solution.
  • I changed me eating habits and in combination with the yoga it worked out fine
  • At first I was a bit reluctant because I had the idea that it was more something for women, but with my free trial class I saw that there were other men participating and the motivated me to keep going to the classes.
  • I really feel the positive influence: more energy and more peace than before
  • The classes were a bit heavier than I had anticipated, probably because you have to concentrate ont he breathing and other things. After the classes I feel really relaxed
  • Mission accomplished


I am working on the pc for at least 10 hours per day and do not practice any sports. The last months/years the pressure get higher and higher and I need to find some inner peace and most definitely exercise.

I can no longer "switch off", and I would really like to turn off my thinking and not be constantly busy, mentally that is.

That is the reason why I want to practice yoga, want to experience whether this can help me. This is based on reading the positive experiences of what people share on the internet. 

From the testimony of Anthony it is clear that it is a major threshold for men that women are a majority in the classes. Lucky for him he joined anyway and now enjoys all the benifits. So ladies: motivate your partners, brothers, male cousins, uncles and friends to join us in the yoga classes.

There are moments that there are more men present in the class then women (advanced students).

mannen in de meerderheid

In this article of the yoga journal you can find 5 more reasons for men to join yoga classes :-)

Hari Om, thank you for the yoga :-)

Yoga is for women only

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2 October 2019

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