Practice Yoga@Home: Frequently Used Excuses ;-)

You will hear me say this during the yoga classes: "When your practice yoga at home you can do..." followed by a series of tips how to safely practice Yoga by yourself.

During the classes nobody really reacts to it. Before and after the classes I do get feedback along the lines of "I want to practice at home but I cannot get around to it. Or the children come to interrupt me... I do not know what to do while I am on my mat... etc... Les excuses sont faites pour s'en servir, as the French saying puts it so nicely.

Yup, been there, done that or not.

It is absolutely not easy to practice yoga all by yourself at home. After having more than 20 years of experience with this I really know all about it ;-) ànd still struggling with it myself. Even as an experienced Yogi it is still a struggle. You know it will make you feel better, but it is still difficult to get started.

You have the intention of "practicing yoga later today..." and then other things intervene: a task that takes longer than anticipates, unexpected visitors, children who need your attention, pets being in your way... You name it, you know the situations.

There are several things you can do to head off these excuses:

Look at your intention: when do you have in mind to practice Yoga? Have a closer look at your timing, is it even possible? "I will practice yoga LATER today" is too vague. Take your agenda and put an appointment with yourself to practice yoga in your planning. Make sure to free up more time than you need for your practice. Did you have in mind to practice an hour? Plan it in your agenda for an hour and a half. This gives you the time to prepare the room where you want to practice yoga and it also gives you time afterwards to make a gently transit back to the busy day-to-day life.

For me personally it works best to practice yoga early in the morning before I do anything else. Depending on your daily schedule you can adapt it to what works for you: immediately after coming home from work/school, after the kids go to bed. Finding the timing that works for your is "trial and error".

Make sure to stick to the planning you agreed upon with yourself. That appointment is in your agenda and no you do not sacrifice it for something else.

Also agree with your housemates that they have respect your planning as well. If you have children or pets who might interrupt you, make your partner can keep them busy while you practice yoga.

Prepare different yoga sessions UP FRONT. You can plan different lengths of practice, for the busy days your can make shorter sessions, for the calmer days you can prepare a longer sessions etc... Keep it simple. You can also prepare different kind of sessions: one that gives you energy for the morning or during the day, and another one more peace giving for the evening.

Use my instruction video's for the online classes. You can buy them at :

Are the kids interested in practicing yoga? Plan a short separate sessions with them and keep it playful.

Create a special place for your yoga practice. I happen to have the luxury (yes it is a luxury) to have a yoga room. Depending on your living circumstances that is not always possible. Then make sure it is easy to create your space for the yoga practice easily in no time. Do not put your mat too far away, keep the candles at hand and put your favorite relaxation cd already in the cd player.

Put on your yoga clothing a bit beforehand: do you have in mind to practice yoga as soon as the kids go to bed? Put on your yoga clothing as soon as you come home. Another excuses headed off not to start your practice. Yoga clothing is very comfortable :-)

It is possible that you have to come to the conclusion that the session you had in mind does not work for you the moment you stand on your mat. Adapt is on the spot into what feels pleasant for you and write down afterwards what you changed. This is always interesting in case you want to repeat the same session. 

And the most important tip I can give you: ENJOY YOUR YOGA :-)

Hari Om, thank you for the Yoga :-)

Practice Yoga@Home: Frequently Used Excuses ;-)

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