No, no, I do not have stress!

On a cold winter's eve about a year ago I was loading my yoga mat into my car. Suddenly I hear a voice behind me asking: "Madam, why is that on your car, what do you mean by that?"

Traffic Jam Stress

I look up to see a young on looking questionably at the words on the back window of my car "(File)stress?" followed by "". (File)stress means (Traffic jam) stress. I am about to explain to him that stress in it's different forms can have a whole lot of negative consequences and that yoga can help with that. He interrupts me to ask what traffic jams have to do with that.

Yves Achterkant

Well, for a lot of people having to get to work being in traffic jams is a huge stress factor. I try to tell him that yoga can play an important roll in resolving and preventing stress, including the traffic jam stress. Again he interrupts me and says "Oh yes, but I never have traffic jams and I have no stress at all!". 

Followed by "I've got to go now" and off he went... leaving me behind a bit frustrated and a bit stressed.

Ok, something like that stresses me... Ask a question, not wait for the answer and walk away. Yes, yoga teachers can get stressed as well :-)

During our short conversation I noticed that he could not stand still and that he was talking very fast. Those are indeed sign of stress? But no, no, he had no stress, no idea what stress is...


From this example it is quiet clear that stress still is a huge taboo. It is common to get a reaction along the lines of "Yes, but I do not have any stress, I do not know what that is, absolutely no problem."

People who have this attitude remind me of that nervous young man: talk fast, not being able to stand still, have nervous ticks, make no eye contact and they already moved on to the next thing... They often seem confuses, but stress... no, no idea what that is.

When I see this behavior I sometimes ask them what gives them positive energy. And the reaction tell me a lot, because they have no answer, they do not know what gives them positive energy and what can help them to get rid of negative stress... No they do not have stress? Or do they?

No time for stress?

We do not have time for stress and fatigue. In our multi-tasking, constantly changing fast society you have to work real hard, be an entrepreneur, have a lot of hobbies, be popular, be present in the social media, make time for your family, make time for your friends and what else more. But NO, we do not have time for stress! 


There are many blogs and articles about stress. Tons and tons of words, and tips to cope with stress. If you even have time to read them, to you apply the tips? Or does that just create good intentions to apply them for whenever you can make time to do so?

Stress verhelp je niet door tips te lezen en ze niet toe te passen. Stress begin je te verhelpen door te herkennen dat het er is. Gestresseerd zijn kan beginnen te verbeteren van zodra het probleem herkend wordt.

You cannot cope with stress by reading tips and not applying them. Coping with stress starts with recognizing that it is present. Being stressed out can stop as soon as you are aware of the problem.

Hari Om, thank you for the Yoga :-)

No, no, I do not have stress!

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