Just lay down on your mat

One of my students told me that her boyfriend thinks that yoga is just lying on your mat... And that there is not much more happening...

So she put him to work and had him practice sun salutations ;-) He soon realized that yoga is not that easy and that he had a hard time practicing the sun salutations.

Fit'n Form

I had a good laugh when she told me this story and invited him to come and join for the essential yoga in order to convince him otherwise :-)

As written in my previous blog there is no need to be flexible and into sports to be able to practice yoga, but he essential yoga is more active than most people seem to think. And yes, we have short moments of relaxation as well lying down on our yoga mats. 

We start the classes with a moving relaxation. After the we become more active with the sun salutation. Is a fun and rather intense practice: http://www.pranayoga.be/wat-is-yoga/zonnegroet.html

After the sun salutations we practice the poses. We do not hurry from one pose to the other. We practice them in a relaxed way, following the rhythm of our breathing. 

Moving in and out of the poses coordinating with the rhythm of the breathing is a huge effort for a lot of people. In a class of an hour and a half we are very active for about 50 minutes. After that we really deserved lying down on our mats for a nice relaxation :-)

No, there is no need to be flexible or into sports in order to practice yoga. And yes yoga is a looooooot more than lying on your mat. So I would like to invite you for a free trial class in order to get rid of your prejudices.

You can find the overview of the classes here.

Hari om,

Thank you for the yoga :-)

Just lay down on your mat

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