Part 8: Samadhi

In the state of Samadhi there is awareness of all inner and outer events and elements simultaneously, in Samadhi there is the total knowing. Samadhi is the sublime state that brings us peace, power and enlightenment and it the 8th and last step of the 8-folded path of the Ashtanga Yoga.

To achieve Samadhi is the ultimate goal of Yoga. Samadhi means to unify Atam and Paratman. Samadhi is self-realisation that bring us complete fulfillment, after having reached the state of Samadhi there is nothing more to gain and nothing more to loose. We can live our lives here on earth with a low awareness or with a higher awareness. 

If you are capable to lead your life on a higher level of awareness you will be able to obtain the maximum from each experience without it causing a chain of actions and reactions. In order to reach Samadhi you need to have the right state of mind. Therefor there are 4 important factors: contentment, distinction between the truth and non-truth, detachment and the burning desire for liberation.

Samadhi is geen trance of een staat van bewusteloosheid zoals sommige geloven. In tegendeel het betekent dat je een diep niveau van bewustzijn bereikt waarin het gevoel van individualiteit niet meer bestaat. Samadhi wordt omschreven als de staat waarin de yoga arriveert op een eindeloos punt van bewustzijn waarna er geen bewustzijn niet meer is. Het is een staat van waarneming waar de mentale lichamen niet meer functioneren. Samadhi begint daar waar je in staat bent van je zowel uit het fysieke als het pranische bewustzijn terug te trekken terwijl je toch mentaal alert blijft. De grenslijn van de buitenwereld (ook maya genoemd) eindigt waar het pure mentale bewustzijn van Samdadhi begint.

Samadhi is not a trance or a state of unconsciousness as some people believe. On the contrary, it means that you have reach a deep level of awareness in which the individual not longer exists. Samadhi is described as the state in which a yogi arrives on the infinite point of awareness after which there is not more awareness. It is a state of observation where the mental bodies no longer function. Samadhi start there were you are capable of withdrawing from both the physical as well as from the pranic awareness but at the same time you stay mentally alert. The boarder with the outside world (also know as maya) ends where the pure mental awareness of Samadhi begins.

In the state of Samadhi there is awareness of the inner and the outer elements simultaneously, in Samadhi ther is the total knowing. Samadhi is the sublime state of balance that bring us peace, power and enlightenment. There are different ways to reach Samadhi. Some have carefully documented their journey towards Samadhi so it is possible for other to follow the same path in order to obtain their goal.

Patanjali described his journey in the Yoga Sutras and his journey is know as the Ashtanga Yoga existing of 8 steps. Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samdhi.

The first 5 steps until Pratyhara gradually remove the external disturbing factors and help us to prepare the next 3 steps. The practice of the 3 last steps helps us to remove the disturbing thoughts and bring balance to our mind. The meditation techniques help to highten and intensify our inner awareness.

As soon as you reached Samadhi, you can still lead a practical life, things stay the same but the background changes as your insights have been purified. The people around you are capable of going beyond their suffering and become happy thank to your personality, presence and good advice. Samadhi is an immortal state of nectar, it is a necessity in life.

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